Composition Competition Application Form


The Indiana Music Education Association’s Composition Competition is open to students in grades 6–8 (middle school division), 9–12 (high school division) and undergraduate college students (college division) who reside in Indiana and are sponsored by a school or private teacher who is an IMEA/NAfME member.

The categories for entering are:

  • Arranging
  • Chamber Instrumental
  • Concert Band/Wind Ensemble
  • Electroacoustic
  • Jazz Big Band
  • Jazz Combo
  • Instrumental Solo
  • Orchestra (string)
  • Orchestra (full)
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Vocal Choir
  • Vocal Jazz
  • Vocal solo (accompanied or a cappella)

Composers may enter in multiple categories, but may submit only one work in each category. There is a $35 entry fee per composition.

This competition is intended to provide an educational experience for all who enter, and so you will receive written feedback from our panel of three judges on all works you submit.

Before you continue to the next page to begin the the online entry process, please be sure that you have the following ready to upload:

  • Your brief biography (up to 100 words), to be copied and pasted in
  • Brief composition description/program notes (up to 100 words), to be copied and pasted in
  • PDF file(s) of the score and parts (except for electroacoustic works for playback only)
    (either one PDF file or a ZIP file containing all PDF files)
  • An MP3 recording of the composition (MIDI realizations are acceptable)

NOTE: You should write your biography and program notes prior to starting the online form and then copy and paste them into the appropriate boxes on the form so that the security time-out feature does not kick you out before your application is complete.

Those submitting in the arranging category need to submit the notated score being worked off of (or indicate that you are arranging the piece by ear).

The score and parts must be in PDF format and can either be a single PDF containing the score and all parts or a ZIP file of multiple score PDF files (score and individual parts). The recording must be in MP3 format. Both files must each be less than 10 MB in size. If necessary, you can reduce the file size of your recording by reducing the bit rate of the file using an audio recording application or music management software such as the freeware Audacity (192kbps is sufficient for MP3s).

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