Online Registration Forms
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Welcome to the Circle the State With Song Online Registration Form.

Please read the information below before beginning.

Here you will be able to register all of your students for Circle the State With Song. Please pay attention to the horizontal red status bar at the top of the screen to follow your progress through the form for each school that you register.

If you are nominating any students for the IMEA Honor Choir, that form MUST be filled out AND COMPLETED BEFORE you start your CSWS form below. Do NOT start the form below until that form is complete. Not doing this may cause your students to not be eligible for the IMEA Honor Choir.

You may leave and come back to complete the form at the end of any section. The system will automatically save each portion of the form that you submit as you go through the form. However, for security reasons, the system will "time-out" if a page is idle for more than 10 minutes. If you receive a Session Timeout error, simply log back in and you will be able to pick up where you left off on that form.

Pay close attention to the choices below so you are able to start your registration properly. You are only able to register one school at a time, but will be given the option to enter a new school at the conclusion of each school's registration.

Start or Resume a Online Entry
I have NOT previously completed an Honor Choir online entry this year and am starting a CSWS Entry for the first time this year.
I have already started a previous CSWS Entry this year I need to continue or need to start a second CSWS entry.
I have already completed an Honor Choir Entry and wish to start my first CSWS Entry for this year.

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